Team Manager Information

The Team Manager’s role is a vital part in the administration of the teams and the Club. Their responsibilities are integral to supporting the coach, the players, the KBA and to ensure the successful running of the competition within the Club.

The  Team Manager’s role comprises of the following responsibilities throughout the season:​
                  – Team Player list administration on the scoring software- Stadium Scoring
                  – Communication between the Club( via the Team Manager Coordinator) and  Parents
                  – Organisation of parents to score each week

It is also an opportunity for parents to play a part in the running of the team. It is a responsible position and therefore requires screening by the club. Should you be accepted you will be required to abide by the safety and care policies of the Club and produce a Working With Children’s card.

Game Day

“No Pay, No Play”
It is the responsibility of parents to ensure they are up to date with their payments. The Club has a  “No Pay, No Play” policy.

Player Names and Confirming names on the Scoring Software 
The scoring for games is done using web based program , called game day.  Players who are present need to be noted on the software and those not present need to be removed from the list for that game. Some times new players names will not be in the sheet and needs to be added. If the player is new then the details of the player need to be filled out on the program.
If there are any discrepancies with the team list on the software then the Team Manager is required to contact the Team Manager Coordinator to have the discrepancy corrected. 

The Club’s aim is to ensure the team sheets are correct within the first few weeks of the season to ensure there is no impact on the team qualifying for finals, therefore it is the responsibility of the Team Manager to check  the team list is correct.


The Team Manager is responsible for drawing up a roster for parents to score. It is an expectation that parents participate in scoring (whether it be filling in the computer scoring or operating the scoreboard) so that this important and essential role is shared amongst all parents. It is a requirement of the Keilor Association that teams provide their own scorers. Without this volunteer service game day fees would increase significantly. For assistance with learning how to score, please speak with your Team Manager or refer to the scoring section below.


If you sustain an injury while playing competition basketball and you will incur medical costs for treatment you need to submit an injury form. The form is available for download from the BV link below. If a player becomes ill or injured during the season either related to playing, training or other activity and will miss games then you can have these games exempted from minimum games for finals qualification. to do this you are required to get a medical certificate from a doctor and submit this to the KBA as soon as possible. This will allow the KBA to ensure that any subsequent games that you cannot play in due to the illness or injury are counted towards you being able to qualify for finals. If the form is not submitted early enough then the KBA may not count these games.​​​​

Scoring at Games

Each team is required to supply parents to score the game each week. The Club will help parents to learn to score.  The scorers sit on the score-bench to support the umpires and players. The  KBAJ has a scoring help sheet to assist with this and is more than happy to run scoring training within the parents of a given team. Scoring is not difficult to do and once you learn it you will find it actually makes you understand the game and the rules a lot more. Below is a link to Basketball Australia video on how to score:


The club uses Team App to inform people of where and when training is as well as where and when teams are playing weekly. It is important to know the age group and team number of your child’s team to use Team app effectively.​​   ​Fixtures are also available through SportsTG app or visiting the Keilor Junior domestic basketball website. Below is a link to the team app website. ​​​​​

Clearances to Sydenham Panthers

Players transferring to Sydenham Panthers Basketball club If a player has played with another KBAJ domestic club within the last 12 months and wants to play for Sydenham Panthers Basketball club, they must request the Sydenham Panthersclub to complete an online transfer. This should be done after they have let their existing club know and ensured any outstanding debts are finalised. The next step is to register with the Sydenham PanthersBasketball club using Team App. Clearances must be fully approved before players can play for Sydenham. Normally this requires clearances to be requested a few weeks before the game. If two players or more are wanting to transfer from the same club into the same team in the same season this will not normally be allowed due to the Keilor Basketball Association rules. Special exemption can be sought but this is only granted in exceptional circumstances. Transfers normally cease by round 3 of the new season. Players transferring from Sydenham Panthers Basketball club. The same process occurs with the main difference being that the player must request the club they are intending to play for to request a clearance.​​​​

Heat Policy

Keilor Basketball Association’s Heat Policy
When high temperatures are expected clause 9.7 and 9.8 of the the Keilor Basketball Association Junior domestic competition by-laws (effective from June 2016) come into affect. This policy is non-negotiable and is supported by Basketball Victoria, to minimise risk and ensure the health and wellbeing of players and officials alike.

The Basketball Victoria Heat Policy states: “When the court temperature reaches 30 degrees Celsius competition organisers must consider implementing, and where the court temperature reaches 35 degrees Celsius, must implement the following timing rules”.
These rules are displayed below as clause 9.7 and 9.8 of the KBAJ domestic competition by-laws.

Clauses 9.7 and 9.8 of the the Keilor Basketball Association Junior Domestic Competition by-laws (effective from june 2016) found in full here, state:

    “9.7 A heat policy may be implemented when in the opinion of the referee supervisor, environmental conditions are overly oppressive in accordance with the basketball victoria heat policy. The senior referee supervisor will notify all relevant venues of this decision.

    9.8 “heat policy” the heat policy shall be implemented as follows. Two (2) halves shall be reduced to 18 minutes duration, with one (1) compulsory timeout at the halfway point (9 minute mark) of each half. The clock shall Stop for each of these compulsory timeouts, all others, in accordance with by laws 9.1 and 9.2. Coaches should not view compulsory timeouts as a chance to coach players but as a chance for players to rest and re – hydrate and should encourage such.”