We value the time and commitment that coaches put into the task of coaching and developing our junior basketballers.

To help our coaches we have put together a coaching skills & drills manual to assist in running training sessions and drills to aid the development of young players. The idea of the training skills manual is to allow coaches to understand what skills they should be developing in players in all of the different age groups and how to go about teaching those skills with training drills to suit as well as some practical drills for training.
This manual is available by downloading from the link in the menu bar and you can print it. It is 70 pages but unless you are coaching all age groups not all of it applies to your team.

Together with your team manager you will be the contact for your team and will enjoy a great time working together.
Some of the internet links below are also quite helpful and a quick search will bring up other helpful sites. The internet is a great resource for coaches, with a huge amount of material to help you in both your training and games (in fact, the bulk of the material here was sourced from the internet). 

Youtube is also a great source of demonstrations of coaching drills and plays for games.